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  • Questionnaire
  • Shopping list
  • Mood board
  • Paint Color Recommendations



Are you about to open your own practice?

Do you already have an office, but it resembles the waiting room at the DMV?

Do you want an office that represents your professionalism?

Do you want the energy in your office to immediately create a sense of comfort when the client walks through the door?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the right package for you!

You'll get:

Two perfect coordinating paint colors, including wall and trim(1 blue/white combination and 1 warm grey/white combination).

A complete shopping list of all the items in clickable links, so you can simply click and buy.

Pre-Selected Items include(45 items in total); sofa, comfy armchairs, desk chair, desk, acrylic coffee table, accent table, bookcase, lamps, rug, drapes, coordinated throw pillows, 2 throw blankets, 2 easy-care indoor plants, clock in client's view, clock in your view, inspiration stones, scented oil and dispenser, wall art, and decor items (you have the option of ordering as many of the items as you choose).

Most of the items are from Amazon(Yes, they have tons of great home decor items!), which helped keep the cost of items down and will make it easier when you go to purchase everything. You have choice to buy as many or as little items from the shopping list as you'd like.

Fine print: I checked to make sure all the items have good reviews, but I assume no responsibility for the goods you purchase through the links supplied. If any of the items are out of stock within 2 weeks of purchasing this package, I will replace that item. You will be added to my email list. I will send you monthly therapeutic decor tips and special offers (you can unsubscribe at any time).

Note: The images you see here are of a therapy office I designed. Only some of the items in this package are the same as the office I designed. I used these images as inspiration photos to recreate the look.

After you purchase this, you may want some guidance to help you understand the process of what it takes to create and set up an office that has incredibly healing energy. You can get my FREE E-BOOK to guide you. You won't need the checklist that is also included in the E-Book because every item you need is in this package. But, the E-Book will help you understand why the items were chosen, how to place them to create good energy flow and how it will affect your clients.

If you find you need additional support through the process, there is a layout solution, design support and live video consult service available. There is also an option for a customized office. For more details, check out the "related packages.".

Want your office customized? Check out my Custom Therapy Office E-Design service!

Any questions about this package? Feel free to contact me here!

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